Gaisma is the witch of the light and the balance between the good and the evil. When she was a kid, her father, God of the sun, attributed her the power of the light but due to the strength of that power she was forced to hide it. She refused so she was banished to a dark forest. Once she grew up she decided to be brave and rebel against her father and show her power and strength.

The Concept

The main idea was to create a beautiful witch with features of the ancient asian cultures since her father was an asian God. We wanted to give her a dark appearance to show that she grew up hiding lonely in a forest so she has raven feathers as a dress and a black cape. Her hands and feets are dirty and she has a big scar in the chest showing her power. She is a very strong and brave woman that fought to show who she was.


María Díaz



Alejandra Díaz